Advice for prospective students

Q: What are your research interests?
A: I'm interested in systems security, computer systems, dynamic binary translation, and virtualization. If you want to get an overview of my research interests, I encourage you to read our Eternal War in Memory paper, or look at some of our past research, e.g., CPI, memTrace, or libdetox papers.

Q: What are you looking for in a graduate student?
A: My research interests are in the area of systems and security, therefore any student is expected to have solid programming skills in low-level languages like C/C++, detailed knowledge of operating systems as well as compilers, and an intrinsic hacker approach to approaching challenges and problem solving.

Q: How should I apply for graduate studies?
A: Graduate students must apply at Purdue itself and I encourage you to follow the information on the Purdue page. You may also send me a short description of your research interests, your current CV, and any other information you'd like me to know when you're preparing the application. When sending an email make sure that your interests align with the interests in the HexHive research group. You are strongly encouraged to relate your interests to existing research projects.

Q: I'm interested in a research project, what should I do?
A: Great, thanks for your interest. Feel free to get in contact with me after looking at my research interests. If you are a Purdue student, send me your details and contact me for an appointment. If you are an outside student, follow the guidelines on Purdue graduate application above.