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Group picture, fall'16
(Group picture, fall semester 2016.)


Currently advised PhD students:

  • Scott Carr
  • Nathan Burow
  • Kyriakos Ispoglou
  • Priyam Biswas
  • Derrick McKee
  • Hui Peng
  • Yuseok Jeon (co-advised with Byoungyoung Lee)
  • Abe Clements (co-advised with Saurabh Bagchi)
  • Terry Hsu (co-advised with Patrick Eugster)
  • Prashast Srivastava
  • Sushant Dinesh
  • Bader AlBassam

Currently advised MSc and BSc students:

  • Hrishikesh Arun Deshpande
  • Andrew Walker Barthel

Formerly advised students:

  • Alessandro Di Federico (visiting PhD student, fall '16)
  • Ahmed Hussein (PhD fall '16, co-advised with Tony Hosking)
  • Ammar Askar (undergraduate term project, spring '16)
  • Daniele Midi (PhD fall '16, primary advisor: Elisa Bertino)
  • Jacek Rzeniewicz (graduate term projects, fall '15, spring '16)
  • Craig West (graduate term project, fall '15)
  • Dominik Preikschat (term projects, fall '14, spring '15)
  • Luhze Wang (undergraduate honor project, fall '14)

Interested in joining my research group? Read this advice for prospective students and send me an email.

Group picture, fall'15
(Group picture, fall semester 2015.)

Group picture, summer'15
(Group picture, summer 2015.)